Rapid Pay
Jones Motor Group is now offering to its partner carriers access to your hard earned money faster than ever. With our Rapid Pay program you can have access to your money much faster after we receive your clear delivery receipt. How it works:

Contact our brokerage settlement department at 800-621-0502 ext. 7331 or email us at rapidpay@jonesmotor.com and request that you receive your very own
Carriers Advantage Comdata card. After receiving your card we can load your settlement to this card. A 3% fee is charged for this service.


Truck Stop Scanning
Use truck stop scanning to get your money even faster. We have formed a partnership with several companies that will allow any carrier who signs up for our Rapid Pay program to scan their signed paperwork to us from truck stops around the country such as T.A., Loves, Pilot, Petro, and Flying J. Simply take your clear signed delivery receipts, Bill of ladings and other paperwork to the scanning desk, and at no charge to you, your paperwork will be instantly scanned into the Jones Motor computer system. There is NO charge for this service if currently enrolled in the Rapid Pay program. Click here for Scan Cover Sheet

Fuel Discounts
After we load your settlements on your Carrier Advantage Comdata card you can use the card to purchase fuel at Travel Centers of America, Petro, Loves, Mapco, Pilot, or Ambest and receive discounts up to $.02 per gallon on your fuel purchases.


Card Features
Other features of the Carrier's Advantage card. You may use the card for ATM withdrawals, Maestro POS debits, Comcheck drafts, phone calls and more. Visit www.comdata.com for more details.